The Transformation of Upgrading Your Tarmac Driveway

You probably won’t notice all the old concrete and tarmac driveways passing through Nottingham and Loughborough, I mean it’s not something you look out for on a daily basis, but here at ED Paving we can certainly tell you when a tarmac driveway needs upgrading just like this one below.

The customer was getting frustrated with his driveway being in direpair and thought it would cost a fortune to upgrade, that is, until he got in touch with ED Paving and got a free quote from us, he was delighted with the price.

So, roll forward 1 week, we turned up and ripped the old concrete driveway and installed a beautiful charcoal block paving border ready to lay the tarmac. We always ensure the fundamentals are done by laying heavy duty membrane type 1 hardcore and finished off with 10mil of SMA tarmac.

We were in and out within 2 days and the customer was over the moon with the transformation, he said it was a like a weight being lifted off his shoulders.

If you are thinking of upgrading your driveway or looking for a new patio or landscaping project in 2020 then speak to us today, now is the best time to start planning your project as the weather warms up and meaning you can enjoy your new outdoor space.

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